James Donovan’s Advice for Lawyers

In this video, James Donovan, Goldman Sachs Managing Director gives law students advice on how to “manage and cultivate client relationships.”  He talks about how being a client manager is a “learned” skill and how, to be a success at the job, one must take time to hone this skill. Donovan is also an Adjunct Law School Professor.

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Upcoming Work of MIT Athletic Committee

The Student Advisory Athletic Committee’s Community Service board for MIT participated in the Experience MIT event along with DAPER.  At this event, it hosted the Boston Collegiate Charter School’s 6th grade for the day, during which the students toured various studios and labs on campus and got to enjoy playing lots of different games in the Zesiger Center.  It enabled the students to actually take part in organized sports as at their own schools, since at their own school there is only limited space and it is very lacking in facilities.  It was a very successful event and everyone who joined in had a good time.  This organization works hard for athletics and the less fortunate students and is a wonderful venture to be involved in.  Businessman James Donovan obviously feels this way since he serves on the MIT Athletic Committee board.

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MIT Crew and James Donovan

An MIT alumnus, today, James Donovan is a Friend of MIT Crew. The MIT Crew is crucial for students and various people have spoken about how it made an impact during their time there. For example, Roger Schonewald, ’51 said it would be

“hard to imagine getting through MIT without crew…I think I took crew for granted when at MIT and didn’t fully appreciate it until years later…. A few years later a rowing club was formed here at Lake Carnegie in Princeton. As a result of my MIT crew experience and reunion refresher, I joined and have had a wonderful time ever since. Here I am an old geezer and happily still pulling an oar in an eight.”


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